When barbecuing, the most common woods people look for are Oak, Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, Pecan, Apple, Alder, and Cherry, but what if you already know what kind of wood you want and just need to know where to find it?

Finding good wood for barbecue isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Most of the time, when people look for wood to barbecue with, the wood is purchased from a firewood dealer or a dealer who specializes in the sale of wood for burning. Dealers are not the only option. If you don’t have a good local firewood supplier, they can be hard to find, or just not carry good firewood. Try some of these other options if you don’t have a reliable source of quality wood for your barbecue:

First, try contacting your friends, neighbors, or relatives and let them know you are looking for fruit woods or hardwoods. They may be able to provide some sources for woods that you didn’t even think about. You can also check out a barbecue joint or restaurant in your area and ask them about where they get their wood. They would be able to tell you where they buy their firewood, what kinds of wood they have, and how much it costs.

If not, contact local furniture makers or kitchen contractors to see if they have any scrap wood that you can take off their hands. They may be able to sell you a big bag or scrap pieces at very affordable prices. Be warned though, it should be clean untreated wood, it’s your dinner we’re talking about!

Another option for finding pretty good wood is to try your local hardware store or department store, like Home Depot or Walmart. They carry bags of different kinds of wood, and for reasonable prices. They are also easily accessible since you can just grab them while you’re out doing your regular shopping. Would the clerks even know what the best wood is for your barbecue?

If going out to buy the wood just isn’t your thing, and you’d rather have it dropped off right at your door, you can always order the wood from an online retailer or warehouse distributor, like Amazon. Of course, Amazon has almost anything you can think of, so why not wood for barbecue? You can find some nice quality wood on Amazon. If you have a Prime membership, you can get it to your door in two days. If you can’t wait, you could have good barbeque wood today if you are lucky to have a good local firewood supplier.

There are endless options for finding wood for your barbecue. The best source of firewood is a local firewood dealer who can help you find the perfect wood for your barbecue. Good luck and happy smoking!