unloading-pic2Wisconsin Firewood was started when owner David Haug brought firewood back to his home in Milwaukee from his cabin located in the La Crosse area to heat his house and save money on the gas bill. Neighbors and friends showed an interest in buying dry firewood. David’s younger brother Jim always wanted to start his own business. Jim’s wife Chris, who liked to talk on the phone, had an old International truck and Wisconsin Firewood Company was on its way. It was Chris’s idea to have 769-WOOD as a phone Number. Chris handled the ordering, dispatching and phone calling for about a year until she took ill.
pick-up-pic1David and Jim’s mother Sylvia, a retired cook from Boys Tech High School, took over the phone duties and still do today. Sylvia insisted that Wisconsin Firewood compete with service and quality, and market the firewood for the housewife. Split the firewood small for easier handling, keep it clean, make sure it’s dry and easy to start, make the deliveries on time, and you will have more customers than you will know what to do with. These are Sylvia’s famous words and still are. Wisconsin Firewood Company has grown into a four-acre site located at 240 East College Avenue in Milwaukee WI, near the airport. We get our wood from the back end of logging operations. We buy the tops of the trees and cull logs that the loggers leave behind. A crew cuts, splits and loads the firewood onto our semi-truck and transports the firewood to our yard located on the south end of Mitchell Airport where it’s stored and aged for six months to a year.
We sell to the homeowner for the fireplace and the back yard fire pit. You can find our firewood in many restaurants in southeastern Wisconsin where our blend of hickory, oak and cherry firewood is a favorite for cooking pizza. Our delivery area is from West Bend, WI to Kenosha, WI and west to Waukesha, WI. It’s a great business; we’re outdoors, meet great people and look forward to many more years of delivering firewood.


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