If you have ever cut wood for barbecue and noticed the pile of sawdust on the ground, you are likely wondering if you can use sawdust when smoking meat. The simple answer is that sawdust of the right type can add plenty of rich flavor to the meat you cook on the grill. This guide explores some of the top ways you can use sawdust to cook meat of which anyone would be proud. Whether you are having a private cookout with your family or hosting a neighborhood barbecue, these tips will serve you well.

Collecting Sawdust and Wood Chips

Making the most of your plan requires you to get a healthy supply of wood chips or sawdust that you can use when you cook. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to lay a tarp on the ground when you cut wood for barbecue, and the sawdust will be easy to collect when you finish the task. You can place the sawdust in a 5-gallon metal bucket for easy storage, and you can use it whenever the need arises. If you cut more than one type of wood, place the sawdust in different storage containers with proper labels.

Enhance Flavor

If you want a rich smoked flavor that is hard to achieve, sawdust can give you a hand and move you toward your goal. Experiment by sprinkling sawdust over the fire as your wood smokes until you reach the desired flavor. You can taste the meat when you finish cooking and decide if you have too much or too little flavor. Doing so lets you hone your craft over time and create a perfect system that provides the best possible flavor.

Add Flavor to Electric and Gas Cooking

Many people think grilling over an open fire is the only way to add a smoked flavor to the foods they cook, and that is true in most cases. Luckily, you can use your sawdust to defeat the roadblock and add the rich flavor you love no matter how you prepare your meals. Begin by soaking your sawdust in water a few hours before you fire up the grill.

After an hour or two has passed, drain as much of the water away as possible, and you might need to compress the sawdust to do it. The goal is to have damp sawdust that is not dripping wet so that you can control the rate at which it burns. Next, place aluminum foil over the grill and under the cooking surface to make it a lot easier to clean up when you finish.

Spread an even layer of damp sawdust over the foil, and you will then poke holes in another sheet of foil and place it on top. The holes allow the smoke to escape and penetrate your meat, and you can enjoy smoked flavors no matter the type of grill you use.

Final Thoughts

While a lot of people overlook the value and flavor of sawdust, you don’t want to follow in their footsteps. The sawdust you collect has the same amount of flavor as the wood from which you cut it, so make it a point to save your wood chips and sawdust.

You might need to do some testing until you find the right amount of sawdust for the flavor you want, but the rewards are more than worth it. Learning to collect and use sawdust during your food preparation puts you one step closer toward your goal of becoming a barbecue master. If you have further questions, call (414) 769-9663, and ask for Dave at Wisconsin Firewood, for answers to all of your wood burning barbecue questions.