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Wisconsin Firewood Co. - DogBuying firewood should be easy and simple without surprises and hidden costs!

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Our wood is split exceptionally small for easier handling. It's clean, dry, and ready to burn. You can buy a truck load or several cords. OAK, HICKORY, BIRCH, CHERRY, WHITE ASH, or a mixture. Deliveries are on time! Pay with check or credit card. Order on-line.

We feel that we are absolutely the best firewood company around and that you are getting the absolute finest firewood you can buy!

"Dear David,
I just received my order for Oak Firewood. WOW! I wanted to tell you how nicely it was placed on my driveway. When I have ordered firewood from other providers, they invariably dumped the wood
all over the place. But that is not as important as the firewood itself. It was the best load of oak firewood I have ever received. I am very happy I switched to Wisconsin Firewood. It has been a great experience and great product.

Bill K.
Hartland, WI"


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Cuddle up to a warm fireplace this winter
with wood supplied from Wisconsin Firewood Co.


Wisconsin Firewood Co. - Fireplace
Wisconsin Firewood Co. - Fireplace Wisconsin Firewood Co. - Fireplace
Wisconsin Firewood Co. - Fireplace

Wisconsin Firewood Co.
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Waukesha * 262-521-1070

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